Below is a list of Websites I recommend for more research on Alchemy and Healing

Mystical Wares            Just as the Store states, mystical, alternative health, marketplace.

Cosmic Reality             Shungite source, many different products, and a library of information.

Lambdoma                    Barbara Hero, Lambdoma Keyboard, Solfeggio Tones and more.

Altered- States             Many different types of Energy Medicine, Equipment 

Natural Solutions 4U  Health-related Herbs, Teas, Books, eBooks and more. 

Holy Healing Tea          Wellness Teas and Cancer information

Holy Healing Honey     Wellness Teas and health hints

Gary Stewart Healing  Personal Intuitive Guidance

Green Med Info            Very searchable site, low monthly fee, excellent articles and library like no other. 

Veg Health                     Great information and lists different online classes.

Chinese Herbs Direct  Great source for Herbs, Teas and other products. 

Pet Herbs Direct           Natural source for those pets and pet lovers. 

Ayurvedic Herbs          Great selection of Herbs and essential oils.

Chinese Herbs Direct Remedies and the use of Herbs.